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A New Perspective on Historical Knowledge and The Spirituality of Man

The Kundalini Experience
The Near-death Experience
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A New Perspective on Historical Knowledge and The Spirituality of Man

Robert Hamilton

CADUCEUS:  A new and unique book on the one initial, common and unifying element in our religions and spiritual movements.


Caduceus is a thoroughly researched book based on fact and best evidence. It is a unique text which presents the case that the one initial and common element in our religions and spiritual movements is Kundalini, otherwise known as the ‘mystic experience’ (William James) and Illumination (Dr Richard Maurice Bucke).


The author cites this very specific Kundalini or mystic experience as being at the emergence of our religions, at the very foundations of our spiritual thought and therefore the codes by which we live today. It has pervaded our lives and our existence yet we know little of this experience and of the global unifying potential it affords.


Caduceus discusses the forerunners and initiators of our religions and spiritual movements who have had this very experience as well as philosophers of note such as Plato, Nietzsche and Jung who have experienced the very same. This highly informative book presents further evidence of the Kundalini experience from the ‘bibles’ of the world which transcends many cultures of great antiquity.


Furthermore Caduceus elaborates on the astonishing parallels that the Kundalini experience possesses with the Near-death experience.  A commentary of the discussion between the author and Dr Raymond Moody (Life After Life) agreeing on the profound similarities is included as well reference to works by Dr Ian Stevenson on reincarnation and Dr Brian Weiss (Many Lives Many Masters).


Caduceus is published by Apollo Publications Ltd. and written by Robert Hamilton who spent some 15 years of travel and research before writing this unique revelational work. Apollo Publications feels that Caduceus fills a gap in the marketplace and whilst there are authors who have written on specific and related topics discussed within Caduceus, we feel that there is no one book ‘out there’ which has brought all the elements together as Caduceus has achieved.


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