A New Perspective on Historical Knowledge and The Spirituality of Man

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The Kundalini Experience
The Near-death Experience
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The Near-death Experience

Caduceus documents the remarkable and perplexing similarities of the Kundalini experience to that of the Near-death experience (NDE). The parallels are drawn from previous commentary and explanation of the Kundalini experience and Life After Life by Dr Raymond Moody and Tammy Cohen’s The day I died: remarkable true stories of the near-death experience. Dr Raymond Moody coined the phrase Near-death experience in 1976 and this work is the foundation of NDE study for many writers on the subject since.

The parallels between the Kundalini experience and the Near-death experience

Caduceus provides a table of comparison for paralleling the elements of the Kundalini experience to Dr Raymond Moody’s 15 elements of the Near-death experience. Also included in Caduceus is the summary of a telephone discussion between Robert Hamilton and Dr Raymond Moody on the similarities between the Kundalini experience and the Near-death experience.

Hamilton also explores the possibilities of reincarnation and looks to Dr Ian Stevenson and his work Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect for biological evidence. Caduceus considers this work in tandem with Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr Brian Weiss (a true story of past-life/regression therapy) for further corroboration of the parallels between the Kundalini and the Near-death experience.